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Best Beach Bag & Beach Tote Review

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A trip to the beach typically involves more than just yourself. You’ve got supplies to bring along. You’ve got your personal items that you want to keep safe. You might just want to bring a book along to read with a bottle of water. Whatever the case may be, the best beach bag and beach tote reviews will help you find a stylish solution for your needs. That way a day at the beach can always be a fun, relaxing experience.

The Best Chart for Beach Bags and Beach Totes

Some beach bags and beach totes offer a reliable carrying experience. Others fail to make the grade. We’ve put together this chart of highly rated options from public reviews so you can choose your next bag or tote from options that are proven to get the job done.

PictureNameOur RatingCompositionPrice
Amor Est Vitae Large Striped Beach / Tote Bag 4.7
Handy Laundry Natural Eco-Friendly Handbag 4.7
Eshma Mardini Striped Beach Bag 5.0
Scout Original Deano Bag 4.5
Wholesale Boutique Fashion Print Ultimate Tote 4.8
Samshine Fashion Large Water Resistant Beach Bag 4.5
101Snorkel XL Beach Tote 4.9
Ever Moda Large Roomy Tote w/ Attached Coin Purse 4.4
Baja Beach Bag Waterproof 4.8
Silverhooks Women's Patchwork Beach Tote Bag4.8Polyester
PictureNameOur RatingCompositionPrice

How to Find the Best Beach Bags and Beach Totes for Me

As we’ve reviewed the many beach bags and totes that are available right now, we’ve noticed that the features and designs tend to fall into certain categories. Unlike many other products where we would recommend looking at specific features, in this category we recommend that you ask yourself certain questions.

  • Are you willing to make an investment? Cheap beach bags and totes are everywhere. They generally work for about a season – maybe two at most. If you’re willing to make an investment in your tote bag, then you’ll get a higher quality product that matches your personal style that can last for years. Zippered pockets, canvas shells, and other options tend to be included with an investment as well.
  • How often will you use your bag or tote? What you plan to carry in your beach tote or beach bag matters. If you just carry some books along, then a reinforced bottom with strong stitching is your best option. If you carry sand toys, then a mesh bottom is better to allow sand to escape. If you want to bring something to drink along, then a cooler tote might be your best option.
  • What kind of carrying option is most comfortable? Some beach bags and totes come with a shoulder strap. Others are carried more like a briefcase. Some models have a detachable strap. Others have handles that are cut out of the actual bag design. Think about what is comfortable for you to carry and then shop for a design that fits that preference. 

The goal of owning a beach bag or beach tote is to make it easier to have fun at the beach. For some, this means having something that can stay packed for a regular trip to the beach. For others, it means having a large carrying capacity so that the beach towels, blankets, and other supplies can come along in one simple solution. 

One basic recommendation: stay away from heaving branding. When your beach bag or tote is flaunting a huge logo, then it becomes a target at the beach. Others might want your brand and swipe the bag or tote when you’re not looking. Branded totes and bags tend to work with the “flavor of the moment” styles as well, which means you could pay an inflated price for a bag you don’t want 6 months from now.

Invest, but invest wisely. A durable tote or beach bag can help you carry everything you need. 

How to Judge Durability With the Best Beach Bags and Beach Totes

You can read every word of a beach bag or beach tote review and not really receive a good picture of its durability. For that reason, we’ve put together some ways that you can determine how strong your preferred tote or bag happens to be.

For starters, look at the actual structure of the bag itself. It should be put together in such a way that it can carry multiple items efficiently without putting strain on the stitching and seams. For the beach, look for a canvas model that may have interior pockets or zippered outer pockets that can help you keep your items safe.

Because canvas totes and bags can be somewhat heavy, a genuine leather product is a good lightweight option. Just make sure you condition the leather properly to avoid fading and cracking.

You may hear faux leather products suggested as another lightweight alternative. That might be great for the workplace, but it doesn’t work so well at the beach. If you don’t want to invest into leather or canvas, we highly recommend finding a bag or tote that is made from rip-stop nylon for sturdy lightweight results.

What Is My Beach Bag Style?

Many beach bags and totes today offer nautical designs because… well, you’re headed out to the water. You’ll find blue and white stripes, anchors, and other navy-style graphics added to many products.

Yet times are changing. You’ll find beach bags and totes with bright oranges, reds, and yellows becoming widely available. Mesh bags that allow sand to pass through the bottom of the bag are also becoming more popular. In many ways, a modern beach bag can double as a purse, so you can head to the beach and then have a nice evening meal at the restaurant or diner of your choice and have your look work.

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Bags and Beach Totes?

The premium prices for a beach bag or tote, especially from a designer brand, can be somewhat scary. Some bags and totes can be upwards of $200. If you’re on a tight budget that just isn’t going to work. $200 is a lot of groceries for your refrigerator.

That’s why we typically recommend beach totes that are in the $20-$80 range. The entry-level prices are great for those who want something that can last for a couple of seasons while still being able to get their bills paid. The upper levels of the pricing range offer long-term durability for those who go to the beach all the time, but still won’t necessarily make you feel uncomfortable with the cost.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Amor Est Vitae

We loved the classic styling of this beautiful canvas exterior beach tote. The rope handles are a nice design touch for the beach as well. Overall the tote is a 60/40 cotton/poly blend, so there is some added durability to bag as well. It’s large enough to pack your essentials for the beach, but not so large that you feel like people are staring at you because you’re carrying a ton of junk It’s got space for a couple of books, a tablet with the interior slip pocket, or space for snacks and toys if you prefer. It’s fashionable, fun, and gets the job done.

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Handy Laundry

This is your classic beach tote and travel bag. Constructed of 12 ounce natural cotton canvas with nylon trim, you’ll be able to take what you need for a day on the sand without commanding a big commitment from your budget. There are no inside pockets, but there is an outside pocket (just one) between the straps that’s nice for a spare pair of flip flops or a stash place for keys or sunglasses. Just be gentle with the zipper for best results and we think you’ll have a great experience with this wonderful product.

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Eshma Mardini

More of a classic sling bag design than the two-handle beach tote option, this is a great bag for holding your beach towels, blankets, or other supplies. Pack your beach toys into this affordable bag and the kids will be able to stake their claim on the beach to begin building their sandcastle kingdoms. The top cotton rope makes the bag easy to carry and there’s a small inside compartment that can be used to store smaller items. And did we mention it looks pretty great too? Give this beach bag a try and we know you won’t be disappointed.

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BRC Fashion

This is another one of those beach totes that has the classic navy design to it, but this one comes with a twist: it’s actually water-resistant. It’s also quite large, giving you enough space for your suits, towels, and blankets all in one location. The canvas/nylon design is still surprisingly lightweight for the quality of the tote and there is a zippered inside compartment to help keep your important things safe while you’re enjoying some sand and sunshine. It’s even sturdy enough that it can stand upright on its own when you find your perfect spot.

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This is the beach tote that started everything for this brand. The Deano bag is easily one of the best investments you can make for your beach trips this year. Instead of a rounded design, it’s square and stable, giving you plenty of space to pack things without getting messy because the bag tips over.  Numerous designs are available so you can choose your favorite fashion, yet the polywoven fabric stays consistent no matter what design you want. When you’re done at the beach, this bag also folds flat without ruining it. Give it a try and you’ll see why we and so many others love this tote so much.

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The best beach bag and beach tote reviews will help you find the right product to help you bring what you need along for your next shoreline excursion. You deserve to be comfortable at the beach, but you shouldn’t need to sacrifice your fashion sense to make that happen. These bags and totes prove you don’t need to make a compromise.

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