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Best Beach Bags for Moms & Families

Adorable little girls and happy mother playing with beach toys on summer vacation

Taking the family out to the beach is always a great time. The kids can run into the surf and get all wet, then get all dirty while building sandcastles. Toys can help to pass an entire afternoon without a single thought to not having a tablet or a video game console to use. Games of catch, picnics, and all sorts of family fun are available. With the best beach bags for moms and families helping to pack all the supplies you’ll need, there are fewer worries about what you can bring and that means there’s more time for making memories.

The Best Chart for Family Friendly Beach Bags

Some beach bags and totes are designed for style. Moms and families need something that puts function as a higher priority. The chart below proves that you can still be stylish and have a very functional bag or tote for a day at the beach.

PictureNameOur RatingCompositionPrice
Getagadget Huge See-Thru Mesh Beach Tote Bag 4.5
Nylon Mesh
SySrio Sand Away Beach Tote 4.2
Nylon Mesh
Pier 17 Chevron Print Beach Bag 4.3
Dalix Striped Boat Bag 4.7
Wholesale Boutique Water Resistant Beach Bag 4.5
TravelWell Fashionable Beach Tote and Cooler Bag 4.4
BeachMall Deluxe Oversized Family Beach Bag 4.3
Nylon Mesh
Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Flexible Beach Tote Bag 4.7
Odyseaco Aruba Mesh Beach Tote with Cooler 4.7
Ever Moda Zippered XL Beach Tote Bag 4.4
PictureNameOur RatingCompositionPrice

What Do Moms Like To See in a Beach Bag?

No one can plan for everything that might happen at the beach, but that doesn’t mean Mom or Dad, playing Mr. Mom, can’t try to plan for every scenario. This is why storage tends to be the top priority when shopping for beach bags and totes in this category. You need something that can carry sunscreen and snacks just as effectively as it can carry your beach towels. That means lots of pockets and plenty of strength for the inner and outer stitching.

Because these beach bags tend to be carrying a lot of stuff, they can become pretty heavy. That weight begins to wear on your body if you need to hike a bit to reach your beach access point. The best beach bags for families tend to offer multiple carrying options, from shoulder straps to dual backpack-style straps, to even out the weight distribution. This way you’re not worn out before you can even begin to have fun at the beach.

Organization is also a priority. Lots of pockets helps to keep everything the family needs from becoming a huge mess in the middle of the bag. Secured pockets are a nice thing to have for electronics, especially when there is a waterproof exterior. Having a cooler tote that can keep juice boxes and other items cold with an ice pack can also be something that some families would love.

How to Use Your Beach Bag for Everything

Some moms might just keep their beach bag packed so they can just run out the door once the kids are ready. Some families keep two beach bags with them so they have a safe place to bring home the wet and sandy clothes and swimsuits that are inevitable with kids. Yet a beach bag for families is also one of the most versatile items you can purchase today.

This means starting with a beach bag that is large, but not so large that you feel like your shoulder dislocates when you’re carrying it. A neutral style can also give your bag added situational versatility because it can work with a number of outfits that moms tend to wear when traveling.

The design of the interior is also an important consideration when looking for added versatility. Soft linings inside the beach bag can help it double as a laptop bag if necessary. Shoulder straps that detach from the bag can make it easier to carry in high traffic scenarios.

For more ideas, here are some ways you can take your beach bags into daily use without needing to take a trip to the beach every day.

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Features to Want in Beach Bags for Moms and Families

When it comes to features, the most wanted design that moms and families want is a flat bottom. This helps the bag be able to distribute the weight of items fairly evenly so it doesn’t just flop over when you set it down on the sand. You’ll avoid filling your bag with a lot of sand and the flat bottom design helps to make the bag a lot easier to clean as well.

Another feature to look at in each beach bag review is the strength of stitching that is in place around the handles of the bag. Moms and families load up beach bags with a lot of stuff. Without reinforcements at the handles, which will always be a weak point in every design, the bag can wear out prematurely. Some bags try to incorporate handles that are built-in or molded into the design of the bag to counter this issue. Although effective, these bags may be uncomfortable for some moms to carry.

A growing feature for moms that have young children are beach bags that have a mesh bottom. No matter how much sand you might wash off before you pack toys and kids away, there always seems to be some extra sand leftover. The mesh bottom (or sides) is large enough to let wet sand filter out of the bag, while the mesh still stays strong enough to carry whatever you might need to the beach and then back home again.

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Bags For Moms?

Moms – you can rejoice. There are beach bag options for you that start for around $5. If something happens to the bag, you don’t have to be frustrated. You can just order a new bag. These cheap beach bags aren’t stylish, but they are functional.

If you want a basic bag without mesh and more carrying potential, expect to pay $15-$25 for the bag of your choice. You’ll have some basic style choices at this price point and reinforced stitching at the handles and seams for good durability.

Premium bags for families are able to carry everything, including electronics or beverages, and double as an everyday bag. These items tend to be priced at $50+.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


When you’re headed to the beach with the kids, everyone has their favorite thing they want to grab when they get there. This creates a rush of hands as everyone digs for what they want so fun can begin immediately. The benefit of this huge beach tote gives you three advantages: it carries everything, it is see-through so everyone can quickly find what they want, and the mesh design prevents sand buildup. It’s also completely affordable for moms on a tight budget. If you go to the beach a lot with kids in tow, this is the beach bag to get today.

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This is another practical beach bag for moms and families that makes packing or unpacking a less messy job. The mesh design lets sand funnel through the bag, while a nylon drawstring and webbing handles can get wet and dirty without damaging the bag. When you’ve finished with your time at the beach, just rinse this bag out and then hang it up to dry. Don’t throw this bag into the washing machine unless you use the gentle cycle – and even then we wouldn’t recommend it. Otherwise we think you’ll love this simple, yet versatile beach bag.

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The problem with so many beach bags that are designed for moms and families is that they put function over style. The bag might work well, but it doesn’t support your look. Thanks to the classic nautical design of this bag, that no longer has to be the case. It’s made from 100% cotton canvas as well, so it’s a durable bag that can pack everything you’re going to need. The closure is a zippered top which doesn’t like getting sand in it, so be careful where you set it down. An outer pocket is great for a pair of your favorite flip flops. Or just take this bag to the boardwalk to shop. Pick your color and have a great time.

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Travel Well

This beach bag does a good job of combing form and function for the modern mom. The polyester/mesh combination lets you see through the bag and store toys, digging tools, or towels pretty easily. At the bottom of the compartment is a small insulated cooler that can hold up to 12 cans or juice boxes for refreshments. It’s strong enough to load the bag up with books if you want, yet is so low maintenance that all you need to do is wash it out at the end of the day. If you want a bag that can do everything, then give this option a closer look today.

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If you like the idea of a beach bag with a cooler, but you need more storage space and want pockets, then give this option a look. The carrying straps are wider and there’s a padded carrying handle for added convenience. A zippered pocket can help you store your valuables in addition to the outer pockets for stashing stuff. It’s versatile enough for a road trip, yet an essential part of the beach experience for families as well. You’ll be able to stay organized thanks to this great beach bag.

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The best beach bags for moms and families will encourage you to spend more time out at the beach. The kids will have fun, you’ll be able to bring supplies, and everyone will get to relax in their own way. Grab yours today and you won’t be disappointed.

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