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When the Coolest Cooler made its second crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter, no one believed that it would be able to reach $13 million in funding, but it did. You can even purchase one for yourself today right here if you wish.

But not everyone needs a beach cooler that’s also a Bluetooth speaker and a blender. Sometimes all you need at the beach are the basics – a cold place to keep your favorite beverages on a warm, sunny day. That’s what the best beach coolers can provide you today: a chance to get the right cooler to meet your needs – and that’s pretty cool.

The Best Chart for Beach Coolers

Did you know that the Coolest Cooler has thick enough insulation to provide ice retention for 5 days? That’s pretty incredible, but an afternoon at the beach doesn’t need that level of support. Sometimes all you need is an effective way to carry a 12 pack with you. These coolers in the chart below can make that happen for an affordable price.

PictureNameOur RatingDimensionsPrice
GIWOX Waterproof Picnic Beach Cooler 4.6
39x26x23 cm
Coleman 16 Can Soft Cooler 4.5
8.5x5.5x10.5 in
MIER Large Capacity Insulated Outdoor Cooler 4.5
28x20x26 cm
Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible Rolling Wheel Cooler 4.3
15x14x14.25 in
Coleman C002 Soft Eva Cooler 4.3
10.25x9x13.4 in
Igloo 45069 Island Breeze Cooler w/ Telescoping Handle4.418.4x13.3x16.5 in
Coleman Wheeled Soft Cooler with Hard Liner4.420x12x11 in
SCOUT The Stiff One Hard Bottom Cooler 4.9
14.25x12.5x9.25 in
Freddie and Sebbie Flexible Cooler Bag 4.2
13x6.5x17.5 in
Coleman 40 Quart Wheeled Cooler 4.5
15x18x23 in
PictureNameOur RatingDimensionsPrice

The Benefits of Having a Great Beach Cooler

The reason why the Coolest Cooler caused so much excitement was because it put all of the benefits you’d like to have at the beach in one package. You can still receive those benefits when you invest into a beach cooler that makes sense for your specific needs.

Obviously the primary benefit of a solid cooler is that it will keep your food and beverages cold. Yet there are these additional benefits that are worth considering when shopping for something to take along with you to the beach.

  • Beach coolers are convenient. The cooler sits with you underneath your beach umbrella, giving you and your family and friends some refreshment when it is needed.
  • Beach coolers are a grab-and-go option. Many trips to the beach tend to be a spur of the moment decision. When you’ve got a cooler within reach, then you can pack it quickly when you decide to run out the door to enjoy some sand, sun, and surf.
  • Beach coolers add comfort. A trip to the beach should be about relaxing. It shouldn’t be about trying to find where you can find some bottled water, a wine cooler, or a soda when you need something to drink. 

And although it isn’t always considered to be a benefit, beach coolers are a very personal purchase. You deserve to have something that fits with your personal style. Whether that’s a beach cooler with wheels or one with a shoulder strap, the right cooler will give you an extra step of confidence so that your time at the beach can be incredible. 

The Features of a Great Beach Cooler

What is so attractive about the Coolest Cooler is that it can be an iceless option. Pack some cold beverages in there and the insulation of the cooler will keep them near refrigerator temperatures without dealing with the hassle of melting ice.

Many of today’s best beach coolers can do the exact same thing. Although this tends to be more common with the best rolling coolers for the beach instead of cooler bags, the totes and small soft-sided coolers can be an iceless option for trips that are only an hour or two in nature.

How to Find the Best Beach Cooler for Me

The slow downward spiral of the Coolest Cooler began when the first orders were supposed to be delivered. Originally offered for less than $200 on pre-orders, only 1 in 3 customers had received their cooler by the time it was promised. In April 2016, nearly two years after the successful Kickstarter campaign, the company told their backers that they’d need to pay $97 to receive a cooler in the next 90 days or wait until Amazon profits covered their shipping costs with an indefinite deadline on the latter option.

Meaning some customers may not receive their cooler at all.

Thankfully you don’t have to deal with that drama to find one of the best beach coolers that’s on the market today. Here is what we looked at when pulling out the best from all the rest.

  • It must keep the sand out, but the cold in. You don’t necessarily need a hard plastic shell to keep your beverages or sandwiches cold. Soft coolers and even combo cooler totes can get the job done as well.
  • It must be portable. You need enough space to provide refreshments for your family and friends with the modern beach cooler. You don’t need to have enough space to provide supports for the entire beach. That means having something that wheels easily through the sand or can be carried to your spot without difficulty.
  • It needs to be sturdy. A day at the beach can be difficult on a cooler. It must be strong enough to handle whatever might come its way. The best beach coolers will do just that. 

This means size, your preferred beverages or snacks, and how you carry the cooler are going to be three primary considerations that must be looked at during the shopping process. Our reviews take you through those key points to make sure you know for certain that you’re getting the quality product you deserve. 

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Coolers?

You can grab a Coolest Cooler right now for $400. Ignore the reviews from disgruntled investors. It’s a solid, heavy cooler that comes with everything you might need. You can skip the whole investment mess from 2014 with one purchase and be happy with what you receive. It’s a great option.

You can also take advantage of the ultimate affordability of a $20 beach cooler today that can carry a six-pack. Wheeled coolers might be priced in the $100 range for a large capacity option, but you can also take these coolers almost anywhere to have a good time. Most households will find something that will meet their needs for less than $100 today.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


We were surprised by the versatility of this small insulated cooler bag. It’s about the size of an insulated lunch bag, which gives you enough room for a six-pack and a few sandwiches. It also has an outside pocket for some extra storage and there’s built-in MP3 player compatibility. Bluetooth speakers have been installed into the cooler bag as well, letting you play your favorite beach playlist from iOS and Android devices. To say we were impressed by what this beach cooler could do would be an understatement.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.

Coleman 40 Quart

This is the big cooler for the beach that you need when your goal is to pack an entire day’s worth of provisions for your family or friends. It holds five 12-packs of cans – assuming you’re drinking one of those cans as you pull the cooler along with its tow handle. It also has molded handles for easy carrying if you’ve got a friend who can help. It’s rust-proof, has a well-built drain so you don’t have to tilt the cooler, and it’s even one of the most affordable coolers in this category. Available in red or blue – we think you know what you’ll need to do.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.


If you’re looking for a beach cooler that can also double as a tote, then this could be the right product for you. You can hold a few bottles of water in there, a few snacks, and be able to carry everything over your shoulder if you wish. Now this cooler won’t work for large families because of its size, but it is the perfect solution for small families or happy couples enjoying a sunset at the beach. Exterior zipper pockets are also built into the design so you can stash away the stuff in your pockets while you’re snuggling close to someone you love.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.

Igloo Island Breeze

If you’re looking for a beach cooler that gives you options, then this is a great choice to consider. You’ve got multiple sizes available right now so you can choose the perfect cooler for your needs. The Island Breeze series comes equipped with a side towbar instead of front- or rear-mount, giving you more leverage to take the cooler over the hot sands of your favorite beach. It would be nice if this cooler had a drain plug and the shape might be a little funny to those who are used to traditional coolers, but we had a great experience using this item and know you will too.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.

Arctic Zone

Even the fanciest beach coolers on the market don’t do what this cooler can do. It’s a foldable model, so you can break it down for easy storage or transport. The lining is solid despite being flexible and the cooler itself is rather easy to keep clean. Don’t be fooled by the soft-side design – this cooler can carry about 100 pounds of supplies easily so you can have fun all day at the beach. It only holds one fewer can than the 40 quart Coleman previously mentioned and it includes an all-terrain cart for easy transport. If space is tight, then this cooler is the right pick for you.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.

The best beach cooler reviews will help you find a great cooler at a great price. Then you can head out to your favorite beach with your family, your friends, or yourself and have a great time.

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