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Best Beach Tent & Beach Canopy Reviews

Source: Flickr.

Source: Flickr.

You settle in to relax at the beach. The sand is nice and warm beneath your feet. The sun is beautiful and perfectly hot. It’s a perfect moment… that gets interrupted by sand flies. Then the wind kicks up and suddenly you can’t read your book very well. The kids start screaming because they’re too hot, but too scared to jump into the water to cool down.

Perfection just turned into a nightmare. With the best beach tent or beach canopy ready to setup, you can have a tool that will prevent many of these problems before they ever have a chance to start. Let’s find perfection for you today.

The Best Chart for Beach Tents and Beach Canopies

Beach tents and canopies come in different shapes and sizes. Some have different features that need to be considered as well. How do you know which tents and canopies are strong enough to meet your needs? The chart below offers you the chance to compare and contrast proven products that get the job done.

PictureNameOur RatingUV ProtectionPrice
PictureNameOur RatingUV ProtectionPrice
Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent 4.8
UPF 50+
Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade 4.1
SPF 50+
Ylovetoys Automatic Instant Pop Up Beach Tent Shelter 4.8
UV Unsp
Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Beach Canopy Tent 4.4
UPF 50+
Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent 4.5
UV 50+
Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent/Sun Shelter 4.5
UPF 50+
Kushina Automatic Pop Up Instant Portable Beach Tent 4.9
UV Unsp
Easy Go Products Umbrella Shape Beach Tent 4.5
UPF 50+
KMD Sport Beach Pop Up Tent 4.6
UV Unsp
Texsport Calypso Quick Cabana Beach Sun Shelter 4.1
UV Unsp

What Are the Benefits of a Beach Tent or Beach Canopy?

There is some thought that the relaxation benefits we receive when heading out to the beach is part psychological. This means the simple act of getting away from the duties of life for awhile can help you begin to relax – but only if you can create an environment at the beach where you are able to relax. This is what the best beach tents and beach canopies are able to do.

It happens because the modern tent or canopy typically has these specific benefits.

  • Protection against the sand. You never know when there might be ants, flies, or other insects coming out of the sand to pay you a visit. Tents and canopies meant for the beach will give you a layer of protection against these creepy-crawlies.
  • Protection against the sun. This is why many families are looking for the best beach tent for babies and toddlers. Young skin is particularly sensitive to UV radiation. Blistering and burning can happen in minutes on a hot, cloudless day. Tents and canopies can provide your family with the shade that is needed.
  • Protection against unwanted visitors. When there’s a beautiful day to enjoy, the beach can get crowded. By pitching a tent or canopy, you can claim your space and not have to worry about someone shoving your beach towels and blankets aside to claim your prime spot. 

Most beach tents are designed to have enough space for two adults and two children. Smaller models may have enough room for one adult and/or two kids, while XL models might have enough space for a family of 6. The bottom line is this: if you need protection from the sun while at the beach or if you want to limit the sandy mess that comes back home with you after a day at the beach, then these are the best beach shelters you can buy today. 

How to Find the Best Beach Tent or Beach Canopy for Me

If you’re looking for the best canopy for the beach that meets your needs, then you must first look at the conditions of your beach. If you have gentle waves, sugar sands, and flat surfaces, then your best tent or canopy will have a strong UPF rating.

If your beach has larger waves that come crashing, large tidal changes, and strong breezes, then you’ll want the best beach canopy for wind or the other specific challenging conditions that are present. These tents and canopies tend to have stronger anchors, larger sizes, and some may even include zip-up windows or doors for added protection. Make sure if you purchase this type of tent or canopy that it is also waterproof for best results.

Then size must be a consideration. Most families will benefit from a standard beach tent, even if the purchase is for their infants or toddlers. The best baby beach tent is often the same tent or canopy adults will buy for themselves. Larger families are almost always going to want to invest in an XL model, if nothing else because of the added beach supplies that will be along for the trip. XL models can store an amazing amount of beach games, sand toys, and towels safely while still providing room for two adults.

Common Issues with Beach Tents and Canopies and How to Fix Them

The primary issue with beach tents and canopies isn’t in their construction. It’s the local laws that may be in place that prevents them. There are several beaches in South Carolina that have outlawed tents or canopies and the local police patrol the beaches to enforce the ban.

The other common issue faced with tents and canopies is that they aren’t rated for the conditions that are being used. Look at the beach tent reviews or the beach canopy reviews to find their size, wind-resistance ratings, UPF/SPF/UV ratings, and the quality of each product’s anchors to make sure your tent or canopy will stay standing all day long.

Some might also have an expectation that this product is similar to a camping tent. It is not. Almost every model does not offer 360 degrees of protection. Many of the negative public reviews you’ll find about this type of product are based on unrealistic expectations instead of an issue with the product itself. In almost every circumstance, a beach tent or canopy will do what it is supposed to do, but still look for good warranties and money back guarantees to protect your investment.

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Tents and Canopies?

Most of the products in this category are priced around $75 or less if you’re looking for a standard tent or canopy. These are the models that can fit a family of two adults and two children. Smaller models may cost less, but are often smaller in size or have lower UPF ratings.

XL canopies and tents typically have a 30% price premium at minimum. You’ll still receive the same benefits of a standard model from that brand, but with a tent or canopy that can fit a family of up to 6 in many instances.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Pacific Breeze

If you want a beach tent that can protect you from 3 sides, give you a comfortable place to relax, and still give you a great view, then this is the tent for you. We could get this tent up in 5 minutes, it’s so easy to put together. It’s also very lightweight, so even if your beach requires some hiking to access, you won’t mind taking this tent along for the adventure. The frame is made from fiberglass for added durability and you’ll receive sun protection for those hot days as well. If you make one beach investment this year, you might just want to purchase this tent.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.

Coleman Road Trip

So many beach tents offer you sun and wind protection, but they don’t really give you any privacy. That changes with this unique tent design. It has two zippered doors which close so you can have a completely enclosed tent if you wish. There’s a canopy overhang on one side to help prevent stray rays of sunlight from being bothersome and the doors also become a front entryway to let you stretch out while still having a barrier against beach insects. Or unzip both sides and you have a canopy. If you like choices and privacy, this is the tent/canopy option to choose today.

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If you’re looking for a canopy-style tent to enjoy at the beach, but want something that’s still durable enough to use in your backyard, then this is the investment to make today. A built-in side wall still gives you some added sun and wind protection if it’s needed. The canopy can fit a family of four pretty easily and give you a base of operations for beach adventures. Putting this canopy up is a lot like putting up a beach umbrella – if you don’t mind the price, we think you’ll find this product is nice enough for your plans this year.

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This full-size tent option for the beach really can be setup in under a minute. It also folds down flat in seconds for quick storage. The tent itself is pretty stable for most beach conditions that you’ll find and it works for other outdoor activities as well. Extend your time out at the beach with 48×84 tent that offers a back window for added convenience. The floor is also waterproof. The secret to this tent’s design? The push-up feature that makes the tent act more like an umbrella. If you’re tired of the hassle that other tents and canopies may have, then we recommend giving this model a try. We think you’re going to love it.

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This is another instant tent option that folds flat quickly for easy transportation and storage. It’s so affordable that virtually any budget can afford it and its light enough that you will want to take it out to the park, to a meadow for a picnic, and even for some outdoor sporting events. The size is smaller than other tents and canopies in this category and the front flap design is pretty basic, but the structure is still strong. If you want to be fully covered, this is not the tent for you. If you just want a little extra protection, however, you’ll love how effective and affordable this tent happens to be.

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The best beach tent and beach canopy reviews will support an all-day excursion to the beach for families of any size or for you and your friends. Find the model and design that works best to meet your needs today and then get ready to have a great adventure.

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