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Best Beach Umbrella Reviews: Our Favorite Sun Shades To Take

Source: Flickr.

Source: Flickr.

A day at the beach can become one of the best days ever. If you head out there unprepared, however, a few changing conditions can change a day of awesomeness to a day of misery. This is where the best beach umbrella reviews can become an asset to you. With the right umbrella, you can adequately protect yourself from whatever your local beach might throw at you. Sun, wind, rain – there’s an umbrella that can protect you right now. Let’s find it together.

The Best Chart for Beach Umbrellas

The quality of a beach umbrella might start with the colorful shelter it provides, but it ends with how it can anchor into the sandy ground beneath your feet. These umbrellas are proven to stay strong and provide you with adequate sun protection all day long.

PictureNameOur RatingLengthPrice
Tommy Bahama 2016 Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella 4.2
7 feet
Easy Go Umbrella Rainbow Beach Design 4.0
8 feet
Cloudnine Beach Umbrella with Tilt and Carrying Bag 4.2
7.75 feet
Sport-Brella Umbrella 4.4
4.5 feet
beachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System 4.6
7.5 feet
Sport-Brella XL Portable Sun/Weather Shelter 4.1
4.5 feet
Shadezilla Deluxe Beach Umbrella – Market Style 4.3
7 feet
Tommy Bahama 2013 w/ Tilt, Wind Vent, and Sand Anchor 4.1
7 feet
Step2 Seaside Umbrella 4.1
3.5 feet
JGR Copa Outdoor Beach Umbrella 4.8
6.5 feet
PictureNameOur RatingLengthPrice

What Are the Best Features of a Beach Umbrella?

The primary feature of a beach umbrella that makes it an attractive purchase is how portable it happens to be. You just take it out to the beach, find a favorite spot, and then set it up to give yourself some shade. Just about every option today has stability and durability, along with easy up and easy takedown features, so the best beach umbrella reviews tend to look at the specific dimensions and architecture of the product itself.

This allows you to determine how each model stands out so you can select the best beach umbrella for your specific needs.

For example: many of the beach umbrellas have width and length measurements, which allow you to know how much shade the product will be able to cast. Many beach umbrellas today are 6-7 feet long and offer an umbrella width of 4-5 feet. When combined with a solid anchor and decent weather-proofing materials, you will be able to invest into an umbrella that stays put and won’t show its age after a couple seasons of use.

Yet not every day at the beach offers perfect weather. And if you live along the northern coasts, your beaches might not even have a lot of sand to offer. The best beach umbrellas for you can adapt to these changing conditions, both for the weather and for the beach. Certain models offer wind-resistance features and stronger anchors to allow you the chance to still enjoy the beach. Some models offer precipitation flaps that make the umbrella become similar to one of the best beach canopies or tents should the need arise.

Think about your beach. Think about what you like to do at the beach. How would you protect yourself from the weather that may come your way? When you can answer that question, then you’ll know what the best beach umbrella will be for you.

How to Find the Best Beach Umbrella for Me

For most beaches, the top concern is going to be how much sun exposure your skin receives while enjoying a peaceful afternoon with family or friends. Most umbrellas today come equipped with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) that will indicate how much UV radiation from the sun will be blocked by the materials used for its creation.

This is different than the sun protection factor (SPF]) that you find on most sunscreens and other sun exposure products. Most beach umbrellas have a UPF rating, but a few offer an SPF rating instead.

Reading the UPF rating is easy. The number that has been assigned to the fabric for the umbrella is the fractional amount of UV radiation from sunlight that will pass through the materials to hit your skin. For example: let’s say one of the beach umbrellas on the market today markets a UPF 25 for their product. This means just 1/25th of available UV radiation will come through the umbrella.

Many of the beach umbrellas for recreational use today come with a minimum UPF rating of 50. This means just 2% of available UV radiation, the type that can cause sunburns, will come through the fabric to impact your skin. When you then combine that protection with an effective sunscreen to protect your skin, it becomes possible to enjoy a full day at the beach without worrying about an uncomfortable sunburn afterward.

What You Need to Know About the Best Beach Umbrellas

Here’s what catches most people off-guard when shopping for a cheap beach umbrella: not every option is actually waterproof or water-resistant. If you think you might get caught in a drizzle at the beach, then you’ll want a beach umbrella that can actually protect you should that happen.

Heavy duty beach umbrellas are starting to find a way to the market as well. In general terms, these models tend to have the best beach umbrella anchor and can be a good wind-resistant umbrella as well. You’ll need to look at the strength, tension, and wind ratings of these particular beach umbrellas to see if their added cost is worth the investment.

You also have the option for commercial beach umbrellas, an 8 foot beach umbrella, and other specific feature options. To keep prices low, other features tend to be removed so your specific searchable feature can be added. Make sure you’re still getting a good deal on your umbrella before you make a purchase by reviewing the beach umbrella reviews for that model.

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Umbrellas?

Whether it’s the best beach umbrella for wind or the best UV umbrella, you’ll find that pricing is fairly consistent. Entry-level models tend to be priced around $50, though there are a few cheaper options available from time to time. A beach umbrella that can take care of most general needs will be priced around $85. Premium models that offer you more of a heavy duty experience or if you want a big beach umbrella, you might pay $150+ to get what you need.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Tommy Bahama

This beautiful beach umbrella gives you 7 feet of shade support so that you can be comfortable even on the warmest days of the year. It includes an integrated sand anchor so that your umbrella stays secure with a simple setup process. The coated aluminum telescoping pole gives you a little added versatility as well. As an added benefit, it has an SPF rating of 100+ for your protection and it only weighs four pounds. You can even remove the sand screw to make this a porch umbrella if you wish when you get home from the beach. It’s not great for heavy winds, but is perfect for heavy sunshine.

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Easy Go Umbrella

This is your classic beach umbrella design. An 8 foot diameter gives you plenty of shade and there are height adjustment options to enjoy as well. The supportive ribs of the canopy are constructed from fiberglass, keeping it a lightweight, but still sturdy shade option. The fabric of the canopy is coated for UP protection and the easy-tilt adjustments let you position your shade perfectly. It doesn’t handle the wind so well, so it might not be great for every beach, but it does an excellent job of providing strong and consistent shade.

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Cloud Nine

If you’re looking for an affordable beach umbrella, then you’ll want to give this model a closer look. It offers an 80 inch diameter and the classic rainbow look. An optional sand anchor and umbrella holder stand can give you stability in high winds. Now we did notice that some strings did tend to shed off of the canopy. Cut them instead of pulling them, otherwise you’ll damage the umbrella and void the return you could make. This umbrella isn’t going to replace a premium model, but if you want something that’s quick and easy for a vacation, we definitely recommend this beach umbrella as an option.

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Sport Brella

If you live along the coast and experience high winds at your beach on a regular basis, then this is the umbrella you’re going to want. It offers you instant protection from all of the elements partially due to the unique side flaps that you can pull down to turn this umbrella into more of a beach tent. Wind vents and zippered windows help to keep this umbrella stable and the metallic undercoated protection gives you a SPF 125 rating. Pockets keep your gear and supplies safe as well. Try it out and we think you’ll be pleased with the results it can produce.

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This is another high wind umbrella option, coming with a 35 MPH rating. This is due to the unique base that anchors nicely into the sand so that you can get the shade that you need. Consumer Reports has even rated this umbrella as a top high-wind option. Now it is pretty heavy compared to other umbrellas at 8 pounds, but this all-in-one package also saves you time and money and that can’t be ignored. If you love the beach and want to get out of the sun, then you’ll want to give this umbrella a closer look.

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Sport Brella XL

If you have a larger family or you’re hanging out with all of your best friends, then your beach umbrella needs to give you extra shade and space. This is a high quality, all-weather solution that you’re all going to enjoy. Not only is it easy to setup, but it can also double as a canopy or tent like the other models from this brand. It gives you sun protection, rain protection, and even some high wind protection. Two adults can share this umbrella comfortably in its tent position and many more can enjoy the shade from the traditional umbrella option.

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This telescoping beach umbrella gives you a classic experience. Six supportive ribs for the canopy give you plenty of strength while the UPF protection gives you almost complete sun protection. You’ll want to grab a beach anchor for this umbrella for best results and be careful with the plastic lever that locks the umbrella, but otherwise you get everything you want with this model. It even comes with a shoulder strap carrying bag for added convenience.

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Tommy Bahama 2013

Sure. This model might be a few years old at this point, but it’s difficult to deny the effectiveness of this fiberglass and aluminum design. The end result is an umbrella that is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and stable even in high wind conditions. Install the anchor in the sand or in the dunes around the beach if you prefer and then preparedto have a relaxing, enjoyable day at the beach. Three different color options are available for this 7 foot umbrella with tilting features, so you can feel good and look good at the same time.

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This isn’t a fancy beach umbrella, but it gets the basics right. The price is right where you won’t mind if something happens to this umbrella while on vacation, but still want to see a bit of quality. It offers an easy push-up opening and pull-down closing mechanism and strong ribs to keep the canopy supported. The pole offers a pointed end that can be stuck down into the sand for reasonable support, even in light winds. It gets the job done, is budget friendly, very lightweight, and provides shade. If you need something like that, you’ll love what this umbrella can do.

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JGR Copa

So many beach umbrellas today have plastic ribs to support the canopy. That’s okay, but there is a better option. This umbrella, for example, offers metal ribs instead. It’s also got reinforcements for windier days and the design is versatile enough to work on your back porch or at the beach down the road. The pole diameter may be just 1.25 inches, but don’t let that fool you. You’ll want an anchor for out at the beach, but in return, you’ll have all of the shade that you need. Some users may find that driving the pole straight into the ground is all the support they need.

The best beach umbrella reviews will help you find an affordable and effective way to provide shade while you play at the beach. Some of these umbrellas can even come home and still keep working for you. Find the right style, color, and canopy size that meets your needs with these reviews and you’ll be able to spend as much time as you want outside each and every day.

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