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Best Beach Wagon & Cart Reviews: Our Top Picks For Hauling

Best beach carts and wagons

When you’re at the beach, you never know what you might find. The kids will invariably collect rocks and shells to take home. You might use a high quality metal detector to find hidden treasures as a fun hobby. There are also plenty of towels, supplies, beach totes, coolers, and even your tent, canopy, or umbrella to carry with you. If you need to haul anything over sand, pebbles, or other difficult ground, a beach cart or beach wagon is your best option.

These reviews will help you find the best option that meets your unique needs today.

The Best Chart for Beach Carts and Wagons

Not every beach cart or wagon is made to the highest of standards. Some just don’t make the grade. By sourcing public reviews and real trial data, we’ve put together this easy-to-reference chart that lets you compare the best of the best in this category.

PictureNameOur RatingCollapsible/Folding?Price
Mac Sports Folding Beach Wagon 4.3
Impact Canopies Beach Utility Wagon 4.5
Topeakmart Beach Shopping Wagon 4.3
Mac Sports Folding Outdoor Beach Wagon 4.7
Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Cart 4.2
YSC Wagon Garden Utility Shopping Cart 4.3
Timber Ridge Beach/Camping Steel Wagon 4.4
Easy Go Wagon Beach Utility Cart 4.5
SueSport Utility Terrain Beach Cart 4.1
Gorilla Carts 600 Pound Capacity Wagon 4.2
PictureNameOur RatingCollapsible/Folding?Price

What Is a Beach Cart or Beach Wagon and Why Do I Need One?

You peek outside your window to see that’s it is a beautiful, sunny day. It’s the perfect day to head out to your secret beach spot. You could grab a high quality beach tote to bring the essentials with you… or you could grab a beach cart or beach wagon so that you have everything you’re going to need for your day trip.

To find the best beach cart or beach wagon, we believe that there are three key features which must be included in the design of the item which is being considered.

  • It must have sturdy wheels. The wheels must be designed so that they can roll easily on top of soft sands, yet not get chipped up or cracked if you find a rocky portion of beach. The wheels must also bear the weight of all your things.
  • It must have a collapsible/foldable frame. This way you can place the wagon or cart in your vehicle’s trunk or storage area easily, no matter how large that vehicle might be. Then, when you get there, just unfold the wagon or cart and you’re ready for an adventure.
  • It should be made from a beach friendly material. Many beach carts and beach wagons are designed with a mesh fabric which allows extra sand to filter through it. Some have a wicker or open side design. Some are made from high quality plastic that won’t filter sand, but will let you carry a lot of heavy gear to your favorite spot. 

Whether you decided to stick to the Wheeleez beach cart reviews or you’re open to another brand or design, you’ll find that most wagons or carts are designed to either be pulled by hand or can be attached to a bicycle. Here there is really no wrong answer. Just determine what you’re comfortable having, consider the beach gear you’re going to be bringing along, and you’ll know why you need one and what design it should have. 

The Advantages of Owning the Best Beach Cart or Beach Wagon

We see it all the time, whether it’s a beach at a state park, a public beach, or one that is completely isolated: people struggling to carry items up sand dunes. Their feet dig into the sand. They slip and they slide. Sand gets into places where sand was not meant to be. It becomes an uncomfortable experience at best and a miserable afternoon without enjoyment at worst.

The best beach cart or beach wagon can change this. Some carts are built to handle soft sands and high dunes. Others are designed to carry heavy loads on well-groomed sands to a vacant spot on a busy beach while keeping your stuff safe. Some beach carts are even designed to work like a hand truck or dollie, giving you enormous leverage to carry everything you’ll ever need.

So often, there are important items which get forgotten simply because they cannot be carried in one trip to the beach. This means sunscreen might get forgotten or dropped. A towel might not make it. The best beach games for a fun afternoon might get left in the trunk. With the right cart or wagon for the beach, you can have all of your incidentals with you for the best time possible.

How to Pack Your Beach Cart or Beach Wagon

We highly recommend laying out all of your items first so you can get a visual reference of what is headed for the beach. Since many of the best beach carts and beach wagons have side compartments or pockets, you can put your essentials like sunscreen, insect repellant, or even beverages within easy reach. Locking compartments are even a great place for your ID, cash, and credit cards.

If you’re taking a cooler with you, then we recommend placing this in the cart or wagon first. All of your heavier items should be on the bottom of the wagon or cart. Then begin placing your blankets, beach towels, and other soft items on top of the heavier items.

Once you’ve reached this point, you’re ready to pack your cart or wagon with the other small items and objects that make for a fun day out at the beach. This might be your book, some food or beverage items that you’re not keeping in the cooler, beach toys, sandcastle building tools, and other items for fun that lasts all day.

As a final step, look for a way to strap your beach umbrella to the side of the cart or the wagon. This way you won’t need to risk damaging it by packing it in with everything else. Some of the best beach wagons and carts can also hold up to 4 beach chairs that you can just pull out once you reach your spot.

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Carts and Beach Wagons?

Most beach carts and beach wagons are in the $100 range. At this entry-level price point, you’ll find a foldable or collapsible product that can hold most of what a family of 4 will need for the beach. Some are large enough to haul a beach cooler with ease in this category as well.

If you’re planning a party at the beach, then you might want a larger model that is in the $200+ range. Many of these heavy duty models can carry 600 pounds or more of gear.

Some households might want something that is more suited to carrying shells, rocks, toys, and other similar items. A beach cart might be the best option here, with many options available in the $50-$75 range.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Mac Sports

This folding beach wagon gets all of the basics right. The wheels are wide, sturdy, and stable so you can handle virtually any coastal terrain. It folds down to a convenient storage or travel size so it won’t take up tons of space. It cleans up easily with basic soap and water. Unlike other wagons, the design almost allows the setup process to happen automatically – just a few steps to lock it in and you’re ready to go. If you want to make a trip to the beach become a lot easier, then you’re going to want to have this beach wagon.

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Impact Canopies

If you’re looking for a folding beach wagon that is perfect for beachcombing or carrying supplies, then this is the model to consider. Not only can it carry up to 150 pounds at once, but the tires are perfect for sandy beaches that may not be suitable for other carts and wagons. The back wheels slide apart for storage and together for use and the main compartment is composed of 600D polyester for durability. There are even two mesh cup holders at the front of the wagon just in case you’re taking a lengthy hike and need the refreshment.

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Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler

One of the biggest problems that comes up with a trip to the beach is towel and blanket storage. Those cotton beach towels can get waterlogged and sand seems to cover everything. The wide back tires and 100 pounds of support that this cart offers will eliminate those headaches with ease. Just fold up your towels when you’re ready to go and fold them up again when you’re ready to come back. A side holder for your beach umbrella is also included in the stroller design of this cart. If you love sun and sand and you’re on a budget, consider getting this fantastic beach cart today.

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Timber Ridge

If you love a rustic beach, then you’ll need a beach wagon that can stand up to the challenges you’re about to face. The steel frame for this wagon is quite sturdy, yet you’ll still gain the convenience of portability with its folding design. The wheels are 8 inches, oversized and stable for virtually any beach environment you may encounter. It pulls like a standard garden or camping wagon as well, so you won’t have to worry about slipping as you walk. As an added bonus, it comes fully assembled. If you love adventure, then you’re going to love this beach wagon.

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Easy Go Wagon

This is the beach wagon you’ll want to have for the beach, for the park, for the kids in the backyard – everything. It’s one of the few options that comes with a full canopy, which is completely removable. It also has an additional carrying container in the back that’s perfect for shells and agates. It comes fully assembled, has decent tires for most sandy beach environments, and is strong enough that small children can even ride in it when they get tired of walking. Tired of the complaints? Get this wagon.

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The best beach cart and beach wagon reviews will help you find a way to eliminate the remaining hassles that come with a planned adventure. Whether you’re taking towels to the beach or bringing treasures back from it, these are the options you’ll want to use to have the best time possible.


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