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Best Bodyboard Reviews: All 5 Of Our Favorites Compared

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Choosing a bodyboard or boogie board to cruise some waves takes more than finding a colorful design or a highly rated board. There’s a big difference between riding a board that is light and one that is heavy. Local wave conditions may dictate the type of board that you choose. Your height and weight are just as important to consider as a board made from polyethylene or polypropylene. This guide and the best bodyboard and boogie board reviews will help you find the right board to fit your needs today.

The Best Chart for Bodyboards and Boogie Boards

When you start shopping for bodyboards and boogie boards, it becomes very apparent that some manufacturers know what they are doing and some do not. Counterfeits can sometimes even make their way to the general market. The chart below is a great place to start the shopping process, letting you discover proven boards that give you the supports you need.

PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice
Wham-O Mach 7 4.7
42 inches
Beach Attack Pack Lightweight Body Board 4.9
41 inches
BPS Full Beach Pack Bodyboard 4.6
41 inches
California Board Company Switch Bodyboard 4.6
42 inches
Wave Rebel Shorline Bodyboard 4.239 inches
662 Splash Bodyboard 4.5
36 inches
JGR Copa High Performance Body Board 4.7
37 inches
Empire Makai Bodyboard 4.3
45 inches
Younger Super Bodyboard with IXPE Deck 4.6
39 inches
Lucky Bums Bodyboard 3.9
41 inches
PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice

What Is the Difference Between a Bodyboard and a Boogie Board?

Here’s the good news: there is no difference. A boogie board is the exact same thing as a bodyboard. Boogie boards are just a brand name for body boards that first came about in 1973. Invented by Tom Morey, the early professional championships for this board were actually called the “Boogie Bodyboarding Championships.”

Today the boogie board branding for bodyboards is owned by toy giant Wham-O. It might be fair to say that boogie boards tend to be marketed toward kids rather than adults, but the structure and construction of boogie boards is equal to other bodyboards.

Common Issues with Bodyboards and Boogie Boards and How to Solve Them

The main issue with bodyboards and boogie boards has to do with personal injuries and the waves that are caught with the boards. If a wave isn’t good for surfing, it’s probably good for these boards. The reverse is also true.

Control issues are also common with these boards. Some of this has to do with owning a board of the wrong dimensions. Controlling these boards through kicking is also common, so those with knee injuries or chronic joint pain in the legs may wish to look for other water sports options if it becomes too bothersome.

What You Need to Know About Modern Bodyboards and Boogie Boards

Today’s best bodyboards and boogie boards benefit from an evolution of foam core technology. This means the boards are a little thinner than they used to be. According to Surfer Today, the size reduction is about 4mm in total. A thinner board has less speed and buoyancy, but counters that with higher levels of maneuverability. Older boards that tend to be thicker have better speed, but less maneuverability, which makes them better for big carving motions.

One overlooked component of a bodyboard or boogie board is the rocker. This is the upward curve that is incorporated into the board’s design. A good rocker should be very minimal, with much of the focus toward the front of the board. Larger rockers create a less stable ride and slow you down, while smaller rockers speed you up, but hamper your turning.

And one point of consideration: foam expands in water. Over time, most boards will actually reverse the rocker. Look for a board that has good water resistance to maximize the investment you’re about to make today.

How to Find the Best Bodyboards and Boogie Boards

Finding the best board starts with taking some measurements. A bodyboard should reach up to your belly button when it is stood upright on the floor. If you hold it in front of you, it should also fit between your chin and your knees.

Shorter boards mean your legs are going to trail in the water behind you. This is going to slow you down and potentially destabilize your experience. Yet different conditions may also demand different board sizes. That’s why you’ll see people who live by the beach tend to have three boards in their inventory so they can take on the biggest or the smallest waves that are available that day.

You may also wish to use the bodyboard and boogie board reviews to consider the type of stringer that has been included with the board design. The stringer is a tube that is like a backbone for the board. It provides an added level of strength to the core of the board while giving you an extra level of maneuverability.

Tails and rails are also important to look at in each review. The tails are the last exit point for the water as it leaves the bottom of the board. Wider tails provide more speed and stability, while a narrow tail gives you a lot more maneuverability. Rails, or the edges of the board, are what give your turns some bite. Steeper rail angles give you better control, but also slow you down. Finding the right combination of all these factors will give you the best possible experience out in the water.

Still not sure about the size you should purchase? This sizing chart will help you get the basics right.

What Are the Prices of the Best Bodyboards and Boogie Boards?

If you’ve been thinking about taking up a water sport, then you can’t go wrong with bodyboards or boogie boards. They are safe enough for children to use, don’t require you to stand up so you avoid the dreaded one-time surfing back injury issue, and still provide you with high levels of fun. Most boards today can be found for $40 or less. Boards with popular brands may cost more and may or may not have added features to compensate for the added cost.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


This is the iconic design that got bodyboarding popular in the first place. Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have a great time and this board proves it. You’ll receive the traditional shape, made with a DOW core, and a crescent tail for a good combination of speed and maneuverability. It’s a strong board that can accommodate a number of styles, but also gets the basics right so that beginners can learn how to get out on the waves as well. Just keep in mind the weight tolerance of 190 lbs or less.

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Beach Attack

This is another bodyboard that features the traditional design. From our experience at looking at this board, it’s a solid option for beginners that still offers enough versatility that it can be a spare board for experts when they don’t want to take out their primary equipment. The EPS core combines well with a slick bottom for long rides and solid air for tricks as well. This board also has one of the better guarantees and warranties in the industry today with an affordable price tag, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at it today.


This is a great beginner’s beach pack for those who have never tried bodyboarding before, but want to give it a go. It’s also a solid solution for kids who are thinking about taking up this sport for the first time. The board is a little small and movement is restricted because of it, but that also helps you be able to get the basics of balance right. It doesn’t perform well in larger waves or swells because it is so lightweight, however, so gauge your conditions with this board to be able to enjoy the best possible results.

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With three different color options available to you and multiple sizes as well, this mid-range bodyboard can help you take your skills to the next level. It has enough buoyancy to support those who are 225 lbs or more and is durable enough to handle a crash or two if you’re still learning this sport. Of course any board isn’t going to withstand multiple fails in a row, especially if you’re using a board that’s too small for your needs, but with the right size we had a great time. Grab yours today at this great price and you’ll feel the urge to hit the beach much more often.


This HDPE bodyboard offers an EPS core, an IXPE deck and heat lamination technologies for the best combination of strength and maneuverability at this price point. A professional quality leash with wristband will keep the board with you in case you wipe out. At 39 inches in size, you’ll want to check the sizing chart to see if it is suitable for you. Available in three different colors with a traditional shape, this is the board to purchase if you want a bodyboard that can keep working with you as your skills improve.

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The best body boards and boogie board reviews will help you catch a wave and have a great time with wonderful consistency. Find your preferred board today and get ready to enjoy everything the beach has to offer.

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