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If you wear shoes to the beach, you might spend a year getting all of the sand out of them afterward. That’s why having a pair of the best flip flops lying around is perfect. You can slip them on, protect your feet against the hot sand, yet not have to worry about tracking a ton of sand back to your car or home. They’re easy to wash, easy to wear, and can still give your feet some comfort. This guide will help you find the right pair that work for your feet today.

The Best Chart for Flip Flops

Have you ever slipped on a pair of flip flops and it felt like cardboard on your feet? Or like you were walking on a brick? Yeah. You deserve better than that. These are the best flip flops for the beach that are available right now based on public reviews and real usage.

PictureNameOur RatingMen or WomenPrice
PictureNameOur RatingMen or WomenPrice
Sunville Casual Beach Wear Flip Flop 4.2
Reef Sandy Beach Flip Flops 4.2
Reef Modern Beach Flip Flops 4.8
Teva Mush Brick Black Flip Flops 4.5
Havaianas Top Flip Flops 4.2
Crocs Crocband Flip-Flop Sandal 4.4
Reef Dreams Thong Flip-Flop 4.4
Kensbuy Cool Beach Slipper/Flip-Flop 4.3
Tidewater Sandals Boardwalk Flip Flops 4.3
Polo Ralph Lauren Whitlebury PVC Flip Flops 4.0

How to Get the Best Flip Flops Possible

The best flip flops focus on comfort. In order to make that happen, you’ve got to look at the actual structure of the flip flop itself. The sole should have a formed footbed in some way so that it can better support your foot. Arch supports should be considered as well. Those flat sole flip flops might be affordable, but they won’t support your foot properly in most cases. That puts pressure on the bones of your foot and the extra stress can become very uncomfortable, especially when walking on sand.

The materials that make up the footbed are also important to consider. Cheap flip flops can make for a great emergency solution, but the inexpensive foam used to make them will give your foot very little protection as you walk across rocks, sharp objects, and other beach hazards. Flip flops constructed with EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate, are like having a strong memory foam pillow for your feet instead.

As a final consideration, look at the strap on the flip flop and how it will stay stable on your foot. Thicker straps might take a little work to break in, but they also won’t cut into your skin when walking like those thinner straps tend to do. The best straps will also have some level of cushioning so that you don’t get those uncomfortable red marks from rubbing or trapped sand after a day on the beach.

Just remember to use a good sunscreen on your feet to avoid a unique tan line.

How a Strong Flip Flop Is Designed

The #1 weakest point on almost every flip flop design is the toe strap. Almost everyone who wears flip flops on a regular basis can attest to how quickly those straps can break. In the wrong situation, having this break occur could even be a dangerous situation. To avoid this, we recommend using the best flip flop reviews to find straps that are at least made from nylon. If you plan to wear your flip flops every day, then leather straps might even be the right investment to make. Just avoid the generic synthetic strap when no other information is provided.

Thin sole flip flips also tend to have a hole wear through them at the ball of the foot because of how most people walk with this footwear option. Look for a sole that combines flexibility, durability, and traction to minimize this issue – though even the very best flip flops will eventually wear out with use over time.

Then there’s the issue of the top stretching out. On a great pair of flip flops, this tends to be the primary reason why they are eventually abandoned. To maintain a fit that stays snug, look for thicker straps made from nylon or leather. These will still stretch out some with wear, but you’ll receive a much longer comfort experience.

Why the Best Flip Flops for the Beach Are Versatile

Conditions at the beach can change from minute to minute. You might want to take a walk along the water and a rogue wave crashes into your feet, drenching your flip flops. Or you might want to take a shower at the beach to clean up afterward. The best flip flops will be able to handle sand, sun, and surf without premature wear.

To make sure you can maximize this flexibility, it is important to have the flip flop fit your heel as best as possible. Most flip flops aren’t offered in a half-size, so many will need to either move up or move down in size. The materials and design of the flip flop will dictate that decision. Here’s how.

If the flip flop upper is made from synthetic materials: Go down from your half size for best results. These flip flops tend to stretch out more, so the smaller size will help to keep them wearable for a longer period of time. 

If the flip flop upper is made from leather or natural materials: Go up in size. These materials tend to keep their shape better, so stretching won’t be an issue over time. Just remember to care for the leather or other natural materials to help them maintain their strength, especially when they get wet.

What Are the Prices of the Best Flip Flops?

The best flip flops for the beach don’t have to be a pricey experience, if you’re looking for a premium quality product. Cheap flip flops are often priced for less than $10, but have flat foam soles that may not be beneficial for your feet. We recommend upgrading to a brand like Reef, where you have foot-formed soles that are thicker with nylon or leather straps that can be found in the $25-$50 price range.

Some premium brands may offer flip flops in the $60+ range – these are more for those who plan to wear their flip flops every day.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


We like the simplicity of this flip-flop design. It is a synthetic flip flop, so long-term wear gets a little uncomfortable, but it is a great option for an afternoon at the beach or for a day at the pool. They’re soft and light and the ridges on the upper part of the sole help to keep your foot stable. We had no issues with slipping with this design and the upper straps are wide enough that rubbing is kept to a minimum. If you want something that is low maintenance and still comfortable, then we highly recommend giving this flip flop a second look today.

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Reef Modern

This brand has a lot of good things going for it. For starters, the rubber sole is molded so you receive better support for your foot – especially for those who have high arches. The faux leather upper is resistant to beach conditions, but still durable enough that it won’t stretch out on you with extended wear. Compression molding for the flip flop helps to increase that durability as well. The wear is firm at first and stays firm for the first couple of weeks, but then these turn into some of the most comfortable flip flops you’ve ever owned.

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Teva Mush

At first glimpse, these flip flips look almost intimidating. The flat sole looks to be uncomfortable. Then, when you slip them on, your feet will feel like they are in heaven. We especially like the fabric upper straps that are super comfortable on your feet. The traction outsole is also good for those beach adventures on driftwood or dunes need a little bit of grip. They also dry rather quickly compared to similar models. One word of caution: you’ll want to go up to the next size if your foot is a half-size.

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Ralph Lauren

These manmade flip flops are so comfortable that you’ll think you’re walking barefoot on the beach. It’s a casual design, but still offers you a bit of a formal look that works for shopping along the boardwalk or an evening of fun. There’s a slight bit of molding on the insole to help support your foot and give you some extra traction. The padding is a bit minimal, which may bother some, but for most these flip flops fit well and are comfortable for a day at the beach.

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These flip flops are designed for a lot of walking around. The sole design is virtually the same for each model from this brand, but the upper straps have unique designs that will let you show off your style with ease. The straps are also one of the widest that we got to look at during our testing period, helping your foot stay stable and secure as you walk. We found that these flip flops tend to run a little bit on the small size, however, so you’ll want to go a size up. Are you an 8? Then order the 9 today.

Click here to check prices on Amazon and find the best deal.

The best flip flops for the beach should also let you explore a promenade, go shopping on the boardwalk, and enjoy an entire day away from the stresses of everyday life. Slip a pair on, let the wind ripple your hair, and enjoy the view because your feet are going to love the support that all of these options are able to provide.

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