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Best Beach Game Reviews: Our Fun Favorites For All Ages

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Everyone has their own way to relax at the beach. Some people just love to sit under the sun with a good book. Others love to charge into a big wave, daring the water to do something to them. Beachcombing is always a fun option, especially when the tides have recently retreated. For families and groups of friends, the best beach games for kids and adults can open up another fun activity during a visit to the beach. These are some of the best games that are available right now.

The Best Chart for Beach Games

Over the past few years, a number of new games have been invented for the beach. Some of them have been big hits. Others have been far from popular. We’ve looked at classic games, newly invented games, and some games that have been adapted for beach use and put the chart below together to give you some fun options to consider.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Sandhole! Corn Hole For the Beach 4.4
Pro Kadima Paddle Ball Set 4.1
GoSports Slammo Game Set4.2 $$
Spikeball Combo Meal 4.7
Kan Jam Game Set 4.7
UNO Splash Card Game 4.6

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set 4.2
Djubi Classic by Moonracer 4.5
Boochie – A Whole New Ball Game 4.4
Park and Sun Spiker Sport Steel Beach Volleyball Set 4.0
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

Why Choose To Invest Into Beach Games For Kids and Adults

There are a number of fun, no-cost beach games that can be played at the beach. Just bring a few supplies from home and your imagination. That’s enough to pass the time for many families, especially when toddlers or young children are along for the trip.

Yet as the kids get older or you get to hang out at the beach with some friends, the sand, surf, and sun can start to get a little boring. There’s only so many activities at the beach to enjoy, after all. If water sports aren’t an option and you’re not into renting jet skis or boats, then the best beach games for kids and adults can provide hours of additional entertainment.

And here’s the best part: many beach games are social in nature. They encourage people to come along for a pick-up game, giving you the opportunity to meet some new friends.

Did You Know There Are Health Benefits to Playing Games?

Playing games at the beach does more than build memories as you spend time together with family and friends. Play is an essential part of life, where you’re 3 years old or 103. Kids play games to relax, engage the creative centers of their mind, and stabilize their emotional well-being. Adults who play games receive the opportunity to forget about the stresses of work, their personal or professional commitments, and to be social in an environment that is unstructured.

By playing fun games at the beach, there are some other specific health benefits that can be achieved.

  • Stress Relief. Playing can trigger an endorphin release, which is the body’s way of feeling good naturally. The end result is a feeling of “goodness” that can even relieve pain temporarily.
  • Improved Brain Functionality. Playing games can help improve memory retention, provide barriers against mental health concerns, and stimulate the imagination.
  • Improved Energy. Sometimes the reason why people feel old is because they think of themselves as old. If you get out there and play games, then you can feel more energetic. In return, you can even improve the functions of your immune system thanks to play. 

What is most amazing about the health benefits that are associated with playing games is that they are very similar to the benefits that come from meditation. If you’re feeling stressed out, lonely, and are suffering from a major case of cabin fever, then plan a trip to the beach. Plan a game that you can play while you’re there. 

It might do your health some good. 

How You Can Play More With Beach Games

Being able to incorporate fun into your daily routine is important to keep your quality of life good. Fun helps to improve a life outlook and can change a sour mood quickly. Even if you’re having a bad day, some fun at the beach with a game will begin the process of helping you feel better. It’s been said before, but it needs to be said again.

Laughter really is one of the best medications that is free to use every day.

When we laugh, we naturally feel better. Laughing is also like a big yawn – it’s contagious. When you’re having fun, then other people want to have fun. It becomes a social experience that the best beach games for kids and adults can provide for you.

Maybe you don’t like to meet new people. Maybe you’re not a big game player. That’s okay. Having fun eliminates the worries of embarrassment or rejection that come with meeting new people or trying new things. The best beach games can be as simple as throwing a Frisbee or a football with someone. They might also be full games like volleyball which demand a winner. It might be as simple as filling a pail with water the fastest.

The bottom line is this: friendships increase thanks to beach fun. New friends can be made thanks to beach fun. The kids can be entertained with beach fun so parents can have a moment to breathe.

The only question left to ask is this: are you ready to have fun at the beach?

What Are the Prices of the Best Beach Games?

Most beach games are pretty affordable these days. If you can afford $20, then you can afford a number of fun games, including a complete beach volleyball set. If you’re willing to spend a little more, then some of the new games, like Spikeball, can be added into the mix. If your budget is pretty tight, there are a number of fun options that are less than $10.

In other words, everyone can have fun.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Spikeball Combo

This is one of the best beach games to come out in a long, long time. Don’t worry about not knowing how to play – the rules are included with this package deal. It works at pretty much every beach and is fun for all ages. It’s even fun for the backyard after a day at the beach as well. A drawstring bag makes taking the game to the beach simple and easy. We also like that the main part of the game has swinging legs so that it can be made level on any surface for a fair result. Give this game a try and you’ll be just as hooked as we are.

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Kan Jam

This is another great game that is a must-have for the beach or any outdoor event. It’s a bit like Ultimate Frisbee meets horseshoes and follows some rules that are a bit like soccer, but using a Frisbee instead. As long as you can aim and then toss a Frisbee, then you’ll be able to play this fun game. You’ll need a lot of open space to play this game, so it might not be suitable for every beach environment. If you do have the space, however, we highly recommend this highly active group game.

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For those of you who grew up in the US Midwest, there is a very good chance that you’re an expert at playing Corn Hole. At the very least, you’re familiar with the game. This is just the beach version of that great game. Put a hole in the sand, lay out the mat, and stake it down. From there, throw the beanbags at the hole and score points based on where they land. We like the fact that the bags are designed to be refillable for this game, so you don’t have to keep spending money to keep playing it. Two targets and two cups come along with 8 bags and everything fits nicely into a carrying pouch.

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Champion Sports

Horseshoes is a classic game that has been played at beaches for generations. The only difference is that with this set, you won’t have to bring along your heavy metal horseshoes and hope there’s a pit that has been built. Just walk off the distance between the two stakes with this rubber set that comes with mats and you’ll be able to throw ringers in no time at all. The weight of the horseshoes takes a little to get used to if you’re an avid thrower, but otherwise the experience is pretty authentic. Plastic stakes are included so you can even play indoors if you’re brave enough to try it.

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If you like playing card games, then this is the game you’ll want to take to the beach. It’s classic Uno, but made with durable plastic cards that will even resist water. Clips are included with this set so you don’t have to worry about the cards blowing away on you either. Play to keep score, play two-handed or partner options, or play tournament Uno if you want during your time at the beach. Disney versions of this game are also available to encourage the kids to play along.

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The best beach games for kids and adults offer a wide range of activities for all-day beach fun. If the sun is warm, the waves inviting, and the day is winding down, then grab one of these games to keep the fun going until you’re ready to go home or back to your hotel room.

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