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Although skimboarding was first developed nearly a century ago, it is only now starting to become a popular beach activity. It’s not just water sports enthusiasts who are attracted to this type of board. Beachgoers who have never tried a surfing or skimming options are picking up skimboarding and loving the experience. If you’re thinking about taking up this sport, then you’ll want to see the best skimboards reviewed right here to make sure your purchase today makes sense.

The Best Chart for Skimboards

Skimboards can come in a few different sizes. They can be made from different materials. The chart below will show you the best options that are available right now, for beginners or experts, so you can have a great time on the water.

PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice
Lucky Bums Skim Board 4.3
39 inches
Wavestorm Skimboard 5.0
48 inches
Atom Skimboard 4.1
35 inches
Liquid Shredder Wood EVA Deck Skimboard 5.0
41 inches
Wave Rebel Local Motion Wood Skimboard 4.2
40 inches
Wave Rebel Surface Laminate Rasta Skimboard 4.2
45 inches
Victoria Woody Skimboard 4.8
31 inches
Water Zone Squirt Fiberglass Skimboard 4.8
36.5 inches
Zap Wedge Medium Skimboard 5.0
45 inches
Zap Lazer Skimboard 5.0
40 inches
PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice

Wood Skimboards vs Foam Skimboards: Which Is Better?

The first decision to make when shopping for the best skimboards today is to consider the materials of the board’s core. You’ll find two general options: foam or wood.  Foam boards are great for wave skimming and very lightweight, but also tend to be less durable. Wood boards are harder to keep afloat because of its added weight and tend to be a little leaner in construction, making them a good option for flatter surfaces.

This means a wood skimboard works well for lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water that aren’t as affected by tidal forces. Foam skimboards are great for coastal areas that are affected by currents that may rapidly change.

Ever wondered what it was like to learn how to skimboard? This video will help you get an online taste of this fun water sport.

For both core materials, the one issue they share is the size of the rocker. If there is too much rocker on the board, then it can be difficult to enjoy this water sport in windy conditions because the breeze can actually pick up the board. The tail is also an important component to look at in the skimboard reviews. Both wood and foam boards can have square tails or pintails. The pintail design is more stable, but the square tail gives you a better spray and lets you carve better on waves of virtually any size.

Flatland Skimboards vs Wave Skimboards

Flatland skimboards tend to be a little more flexible, but also tend to be built out of wood. Having a board that’s been protected by a high pressure laminate material can help to minimize the water traction that you may experience. These are the skimboards you’ll want to have if you want to do tricks or a long slide along a flat surface of water.

Wave skimboards tend to be made from foam, but there are also carbon and fiberglass options available in this category that are equally lightweight. These boards tend to be smaller so they can catch an incoming wave while still allowing for some maneuverability so that tricks or jumps can be performed if desired.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Skimboard

The best skimboards do their job well when you’ve taken the time to find one that meets the specific needs of your body while being able to accommodate the waves in your area. If you live in the western US, the wave size tends to be bigger, which means a smaller skimboard may be the best solution. Larger skimboards may be more suitable for the eastern US.

Your body weight, skill level, and the speed at which you wish to skim are also considerations that must be put into the design of your board. In general terms, beginners benefit from the stability of larger and wider boards. Smaller boards offer more maneuverability, but less stability, and that can be a problem in larger waves.

If you’re unsure about what size of skimboard is right for you, then this helpful skimboard sizing guide can help to solve that issue.

The shape of the board can also affect its functionality. Some skimboards look like miniature surfboards. Others are difficult to tell apart from bodyboards. Even the wrap of the board, or the construction of its outer layer, can affect how well you’re able to travel over the waves. Some boards also need to have wax applied to the coating.

There are four shapes currently available for modern skimboards and each has its own advantages.

  • Streamline. This type of board has a narrow mid-section. This makes the board easy to maneuver for tricks, especially spins, and some speed runs on smaller waves.
  • Thomas. This board style offers a wider mid-section, but side cuts on the front and back to improve tracking and speed. For those who like to do tricks, this design offers a little more lift.
  • Proto. With a wide waist, side cuts, and a narrow tail and nose, this is the board for technical skimmers who want long rides, solid bank slides, and still be able to kick out a great ollie.
  • Sacramento/Raza. This board has a wider waist to give users more speed over the water. It’s more for flatland rides and tricks. The Raza version of this design offers more technicalities to the ride.

What Are the Prices of the Best Skimboards?

The core materials of today’s best skimboards have a direct impact on price. Wood skimboards tend to be the most affordable option, with prices that are usually in the $50-$100 range. Foam skimboards tend to be priced in the $150-$300 range, though some boards are cheaper or more expensive based on their branding and features.

Premium skimboards can sometimes exceed $500 in price. These boards are typically recommended for those who have extensive experience with this water sport.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Lucky Bums

In terms of consistency, this was one of the best skimboards we got to take a look at for this site. The workmanship in the plywood construction of this board is fantastic and the high gloss finish lets your board look as great as you do. Five unique designs are available for this board and the end result is a long run on a minimal amount of water at inland or shoreline beaches. The board is a little heavy, so keep that in mind, but that heaviness also improves the stability of the board. And then there’s the price – you’ve got to give this board a look.

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If you’re looking for a foam skimboard for bigger waves, then this is a great entry-level model to consider. Offering 3x marine ply stringers and colorful graphics, the slick HDPE bottom will let you catch a wave and then keep on going until you’re ready to stop. The balance of this board is good, the construction is even better, and you can even do some tricks with it once your skills are at the right level. Don’t be fooled by the price – this board outperforms some that are hundreds of dollars more expensive.

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Zap Lazer

This might be our favorite skimboard of them all when it comes to design. The board itself has a wide waist, but a narrow front, and that makes it a lot easier to catch some waves. The curve of the board encourages balance, but you do need to make sure that you get the wave right, otherwise the point of the board dips into the water and you’re going to crash out. The maximum weight listed is just 100 pounds, but we had no issue with this board despite exceeding the weight tolerance. One note – this board will not come with the traction pad.

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Wave Rebel

If you’ve made it past the beginner stage of skimboarding, then this is the board that can help you take your intermediate skills to the next level. The hardwood cross laminate deck has plenty of weight to help you stay in control while still giving you distance and air. There isn’t a leash with this board, nor are there any attachment sites, but they’d be easy enough to install on your own if you wish. You’ll start to see some wear and tear on this board after some consistent use, so be proactive with your care and maintenance.

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Liquid Shredder

We would recommend this skimboard as an excellent board for those who are just learning this sport. There have been some reports of this board coming apart because of a lack of bottom sealant – we worked on that issue before testing it and had no problems with the board. It’s a plywood board with decent edging and the foam top prevents slipping, which is a definite plus. It may not be great for waves, but for sandskimming, you’re going to love this thing.

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The best skimboards reviewed here can open up new opportunities for you out at the beach. Once you start skimming, it’s something you’re going to want to do time and time again. Grab your board, enjoy a nice day, and go have some fun.


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