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Things to Do At the Beach?


Going to the beach can be a lot of fun in a variety of ways. Many often think of beach time as sunbathing or swimming time, but there are many more activity options. Here are just a few of the fun ways that you can spend a sunny day along the shore, no matter where you happen to be.

  1. Beachcombing 

Stuff floats up to the beach all of the time with the tidal changes that happen. You’ll often find driftwood, sea glass, and plenty of shells as you comb the beach, but there are other treasures to find as well. Bring a metal detector along and you can find spare change, lost jewelry, and other valuable items. Agates can be found on some beaches. You can throw stranded starfish back into the water or collect sand dollars. Take a walk and see what you might find.

  1. Beach Sports 

There are a number of great beach games that have been invented for an afternoon with family and friends. New games like Spikeball offer a unique way to have fun. You can play catch in a variety of different ways. Beach-friendly card games are available. If nothing else, just bring your football out to the beach or your volleyball net and try to start a pickup game. You can even play horseshoes at the beach these days with a rubberized set.

  1. Water Sports 

If you want to get wet and wild during your time at the beach, then there are various water activities available as well. Snorkeling and scuba diving are two common activities, but skimboards, paddleboards, and inflatable boats can help get you out into the water as well. Windsurfing may be an option at some beaches as well. If you can’t afford your own equipment, many beaches offer rentals that will let you enjoy your favorite sporting activity for a very affordable price.

  1. Hiking 

If you don’t want to hike along the beach, then many outdoor areas offer you modern trails that can take you several miles into the beautiful vistas that are offered. From wooded trails to ones that skim through shoreline grasses, there is almost always something for every taste. For urban beaches, hiking can be done in air conditioned buildings as you shop for something fun. Bring along some comfortable shoes or hike in the water with a great pair of water shoes and you’ll have a great time.

  1. Horseback Riding 

Riding a horse at the beach is one of the most memorable experiences you can have. Although this isn’t offered at every beach and the costs can be somewhat expensive, you can’t miss out on this opportunity if you love beaches and horses.

  1. Biking 

Many of the hiking trails that are offered are also suitable for biking. You might also consider renting inline skates, roller skates, or scooters to take advantage of the trails that are offered.

  1. Fishing 

It’s almost not right to go to the beach and not try your hand at fishing. Although some piers do allow license-free fishing, you’ll want to make sure you know what the local laws are before you take your fishing pole out to the shore or head out for a deep sea expedition. Some fishing may include crabbing and shellfish as well, depending on the season. Take your catch home or have a local restaurant fry it up for one of the best meals you’ve ever had.

  1. ATVs 

Driving on the beach is another fun experience that not everyone gets to do. Some beaches even allow you to take a 4WD out along the shore. If that isn’t allowed, look for ATV opportunities so you can get the wind in your hair as you fly down the shoreline, the crisp salty air crushing your cheekbones. Look for trail opportunities for motorized vehicles to enhance the experience.

  1. Room Service 

Many beaches are connected to a resort, a restaurant, or a hotel these days. Grab your best beach chair, an umbrella, and a favorite book and you’ll be able to relax in comfort. If you get thirsty, then lift a hand and order your favorite cocktail. Want a meal? That can often be arranged as well. Room service in your hotel room can be a great thing, but having your room on a beach? That’s perfect.

  1. Sandcastles 

Just because you’re not a kid any more doesn’t mean you can’t build a great sandcastle out on the beach. Some beaches even host building competitions that bring out the best architects. You’ll need some building supplies to make that happen and some time and patience, but there’s a lot of fun and memories that come when you and your family building something together.

  1. Rock Climbing 

A good beach has three elements: beautiful sand, smooth surf, and some sort of natural protection. A cliff can be an excellent recreational opportunity with the right safety equipment. There are also rip-rap boundaries that can be a lot of fun to climb around, with many even taking you out toward deep waters. Some permits may be required in certain areas, but the ability to see the surf splashing toward you in a unique way is worth the investment.

  1. Kayaking 

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a beach is to paddle far away from it. If there’s a boat launch available, then consider bringing or renting a kayak to enjoy your afternoon. You’ll want the proper safety gear, but otherwise you can go explore hidden beaches, inlets, and coves that you may not be able to reach on foot. It can be done alone, but it’s better to kayak with friends.

There are plenty of things to do at the beach. Some things we all love to do. Others are more tailored to our unique preferences. Plan ahead, bring the beach things that you’ll need, and you’ll be able to enjoy whatever beach activities that are attractive to you.

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